Where will the Master Course take place?
The seat of the Master Course will be the “Prosthodontics and Dental Materials Division” of the University of Siena, at the Policlinico Le Scotte, viale Mario Bracci 53, Siena, Italy.
How much does the Master Course cost?
The fee for the Master Course is euro 3600,00; it could be paid in 2 steps.
How can I reach the seat of the Master Course?
The nearest airports are those of Florence and Pisa. Siena is linked to those airports by bus and train. The same connections are available from Rome as well.
What is the official language of the Master Course?
The lessons of the Master Course will be held in English.
Is the program full-time or part-time?
The Master Course is a part-time program; all the participants just have to attend the Master classes 2-3 days per month.
Is the Master Course theoretical or practical?
The Master classes will be made up of both front lessons and hands-on sessions.
When has the deadline for registration been established?
The deadline to register in the Master Course is 3 October 2016
Is it possible to get a Visa to attend the Master Course?
After completing the registration properly, the Italian embassy and/or consulate could help you in getting a Visa for Italy; similarly, our university administration offices could support you in this process.
What kind of certification will I achieve after completing the Master Course?
Each participant who will complete the Master Course will receive an international II level Master Course certification by the University of Siena.